Taecyeon (택연), a singer, model and actor, is also a member of 2PM, a boy band from South Korea, where he is considered to be the main rapper.  Their band is managed by JYP Entertainment.  Currently there are 6 members in the band, consisting of Junho, Junsu, Wooyoung, Nichkhun and Chansung.

Some of their songs are Niga Mipada, Heartbeat, Again and Again, Don’t Stop Can’t Stop, What’s Your Celebration,I’ll Be Back and Without U.

TaecyeonHe was born on December 27, 1988 in Busan, South Africa and is 24 years old.  His full name is OK TaecYeon.  He then moved to Bedford, Massachusetts, right outside the Boston area, at a young age and lived there for about 7 years, where he attended Bedford High School and was a member of the National Honor Society, the Chess Club and he played JV soccer.

He attended Dankook University, where he studied business administration.  His languages are English, Korean and Japanese.

One of his nicknames is Okcat, Jeemseung (beast).  Taecyeon lists his hobbies are Music appreciation, Wake boarding and skiing.  He also is a great cook!  Boom!!

He was first seen on 2006 Superstar Survival.  He has also been on MBC Ido Army (2008 – 2009) Superstar Survival(2006), XTM I (2007), Mnet Hot Blood (2008), KM Pop Magazine (2008 – Present), Mnet It’s Time 2PM (2009).

His first debut was in 2010, where he starred in where he starred in “Cinderellas’s Sister”, along with Chun Jung-myung and Moon Geun Young.  Soon after, he got the primary role in “Dream High”, where he played Jinguk.

He was also part of Mnet’s Hot Blood Men in 2008.  It was 6 months later with 2PM, that he produced his first single “10 Points Out Of 10 Points”.

Taecyeon also hosted SBS’s Inkigayo along with Wooyoung and was on the show “Family Outing 2″, until is was cancelled.

It was in 2012 when he and his fellow Dankook students produced “Blue Bears” and performed it live at the matriculation ceremony, including the song Life Music, which had the lyrics he had written.

It was also in 2012, that he also performed “Kiss” and “After You’ve Left Me”.

Today, Taec Yeon is a sexy, bright, young model and a singer that is taking the world by surprise!  People all over the world are saying “BOOM”!  I love me some Taec yeon!!  He is gaining more popularity all over the world and his video ratings are soaring sky high!

If you look closely, he actually looks a lot like his mom.  He is just as cute as ever and a heart throb for the girls.  I guess we know now, where he gets his looks from.  Obviously, his mom is very pretty and of course, he certainly takes after her!

When he was asked who he would most like to take after, he chose “Rain”.

Here is a songlist for Taecyeon:

Hands Up
I’ll Be Back
10 out of 10
Again & Again
Without U
I Can’t
Take Off
Only You
I’m Your Man
Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
I Hate You
Thank You
My Life 4 U
I Know
Dance 2 Night
Give It To Me
Back 2 U
Gimme The Light
Move On
Stay With Me
Don’t You Know
Like A Movie
Ultra Lover
One Day
너에게 미쳤었다

OK Taecyeon

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